Shoulder and Elbow

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Subacromial Decompression / Acromioplasty Postop Protocol

Week 0-3

Ice packs
Pendulum, pulley and scapular stabilisation exercises.
Passive and active assisted mobilisation exercises in forward plane
Capsular stretches
No extension beyond neutral for 2 weeks.

Week 3-6

Wean from sling
Add active ROM exercises with elevation in forward plane.
Isometric exercises - scapular musculature, deltoid, and rotator cuff as appropriate
Graduated strengthening with theraband.
Initiate isotonic program with dumbbells
Strengthen scapulothoracic musculature- isometric, isotonic, PNF

Week 6+:

Should have full ROM.
Continue with strengthening exercise programme.
Dumbbell strengthening (rotator cuff and deltoid)
Progress theraband exercises to 90/90 position for internal rotation and external
rotation (slow/fast sets)
High speed, high energy strengthening exercises
Eccentric exercises
Endurance exercises