Hip and Knee

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These exercises are to be done three times per day until you see your Doctor.

1) Lie on a bed and bend and
straighten your knee gently
10 times 
 2a) Lie on a bed with your leg
straight out and tighten
your thigh muscle (i.e. try
to straighten your knee) and
hold it tight for 5 seconds.

2b) Relax for 2 seconds.
 2c) Lift your leg up straight to
45 degrees and hold it there
5 seconds.

2d) Relax for 2 seconds.
Repeat exercise 2a) to 2d) as your pain permits, until you can do 10 
repetitions, 3 times per day. 
Notify one of your treating team if you get severe swelling, pain or redness 
in your knee, or if you cannot sleep because of your knee pain.
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lk-imageDr. Leonard kuo
(MBBS Syd Univ)
(FRACS Orth)

Dr Leonard Kuo has been in private Orthopaedic practice since 1995 and specialises in surgery of the hip, knee and shoulder. His particular interests are joint replacement arthroscopic treatment of rotator cuff tears, shoulder instability and sports knee injuries. He provides a general paediatric orthopaedic service with subspecialty care in congenital limb deficiencies.